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ottawa small press fair

June 30th ends then no more but the usual small press activities of readings and so on until November.

One thing about the fair is the chance to have all the advantages of a conference, without the time-sink of a schedule of seminars. People with tables compared notes on what’s new but people coming in off the street checked for news on where they’d find readings, or printers, or how to do bindings.

People came thru just checking out the scene since they were getting ready to get involved again. Or coming thru town and wanting to see Ottawa. (Some came to buy as well, naturally.) I’d guess there was between 150 and 200 people, although caught up in conversations I may have missed people.

Some tables had self-published, or small press, magazines or earrings. One came to hang up their shingle for web design, but their business card has no website, oddly enough. ShallWriteReviews, a book review blog had a table to promote. Last time a fellow was up from Buffalo, NY, this time a couple tables from Montreal, one from B.C., one from Kingston.

above/ground table
It was pretty steady traffic after the first hour. You can spot some of the Chaudiere table and organizer rob mclennan thru there. Foreground is Luminita Suse.

Kids books of Clickity Klunk
Professer Klunk had his rhyming kids books with a lesson, such as Nervous Nelly the horse shouldn’t be so nervous about unlikely things. He was in from Clearwater B.C. Lovely fellow.

There’s often a bit of non-fiction too, music, art.

book making courses and craft books
Mary Kritz is pictured, a new face this year with beautiful little books of all kinds. Her blog shows some of her lovely artist books. There’s a video too. She occasionally gives courses at the Ottawa School of Art.

Shaun J McLaughlin
Here Shaun J McLauglin has out his two historical novels on raider and rebels of the 1838.

put on the hipscarf and she'll drum
Sonia Saikaley was there with her book, The Lebanese Dishwasher (Quattro Books). She brought her hip scarf and invited people to bellydance to her drumming. I don’t know if she got any volunteers that day but she did get a taker the night before when she read the night at the pre-fair reading.

meeting new writers
There were a bunch of new folks this time including Tricia Sheridan with Magdahlia’s Medallion, a novel for youth, and the novel of Aubrey Verboven, “Border Crossings – An Aid Worker’s Journey Into Bosnia” based on his experiences working in the Balkans during the 90’s.

le temps des cerises
Over at the Bywords/AngelHouse table, a new side of the Angel, ephemerals where only one copy of each was made.

me at the table
Here’s a pic hubby took of me with various things I wrote, edited or micro-published. And of course, pickles. Can’t have a small press fair without the free pickles tradition. Note the expression is selling like hot cakes, not disappearing like rice cakes. (Only got one taker for those.) New on table: Avid Walls by Luminita Suse (11 short mostly non-narrative poems), Self-Portrait by Gary Stark (a single comic poem), Sprockets Away by Pearl Pirie (mostly concrete poems), Voices, Choices by Louisa Howerow (narrative historical fiction poems), and Late Plate by Gwendolyn Guth (narrative poems).

ta da
We were also giving out some of those machine generated sestinas of Dan Waber. We sold one of the In Air chapbooks, and I think we’re down to the last half dozen.

Con Cú his novel
Con Cú, the newest press to burst onto scene, with his novels and press. Stephen Lorne Bennet with his Deux Voiliers novel.

in from Montreal
Zsolt Alapi of Siren Song with his author was in from Montreal with some fiction.

in from Montreal!
These folks were in from Montreal as well with earrings, drawing, and Ian Truman‘s “The Factory Line”.

Dwight Alice Hearts Welsh Zombies
Dwight Williams, Storyteller had his new graphic (as in drawn) horror novels. Nearby Alice Hearts Welsh Zombies displayed their caution tape and video trailer and zombie puppets for their novel.

Art cards 40-watt Spotlight
I never got as far as this corner to see what was there by way of cards and posters but across the aisle, Adam at 40 Watt-spotlight had some new short fiction in this thumbnail picture shows series.

Buschek BooksBuschek Books

Ottawa Arts Review
Here the ladies at Ottawa Arts Review, who are looking for submissions and cover art. One catches the question, the other the camera.

apt 302
Here, both studiously ignoring the camera, at room 302 books of lesser print-run books, sometimes art cards, ephemera. If you want vispo or nearly off the radar antiquarian books from CanLit of mid-last century, that’s the place.

Moose & Pussy and In/words
The Moose & Pussy and In/Words had CDs, chapbooks, their magazine and…

in/words gave free chapbook a new vampire novel for the series
Brownies or cookies. (Who was it that suggested we should sell plates at the door for the food?) In pre-official release, is Patricia McCarthy‘s The Crimson Crimes, the next in a vampire novel series set in Ottawa.

Sean and his postscriptsPostscripts to Darkness
Sean Moreland with his issue 2 of the horror anthology, Post scripts to darkness which was out as of that day.

broswers going by
Here’s the corner of the Arc table, which had the new issue, back issues and strawberries on the go.

some attendance swirl Sarah and Frankie
You’ve got to start them young.

apt 9
Apt 9 was back. Here’s Jen with a new title by Bardia Sinaee.

the new chapbooks
Speaking of new titles, Shai Ben-Shalom has Martians Among Us, edited by Bardia Sinaee. It is sold as In/Words fundraiser for VerseFest 2013.

in from Kingston
In from Kingston was Michael Casteels of Puddles of Sky Press with some very cool concrete poetry. There aren’t that many doing that so it was good to encounter.

Amanda Earl has already reported her bounty found at the small press fair.

Some of my cache. Add to that the touch of hoarseness I usually come away with from talking too much. And new info, social and up $85 or so over costs.

I think I missed a few tables that came late or left early. But you get the general idea of the literary reunion afternoon.

If you want to add photos you took from this or previous small press fairs, check out and joins the Flickr group.

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  1. A wonderful selection of author/artist photos! Thank you ever so kindly for taking the time to snap these and subsequently post them. It always warms my heart to know there is a wealth of talent in Ottawa.

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