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13 questions of writing habit

Mia Celeste‘s had a list of 13 questions about writing habit. Taking that here:

  1. Where do you write? Anywhere to draft or compose. Back of hand or envelope not recommended. To do later edits, my office, usually digitally. Substantial edits on paper then back to computer and then paper and so on.
  2. Quick. Go to your writing space, sit down and look to your left. What is the first thing you see? Grasses from a field we owned once in front of a print of a forest.
  3. Favorite time to write? 11am-2pm.
  4. Drink of choice while writing? Water. Benefits include mental clarity, regulating temperature (more mammalian, less reptilian could only be to the good), joint-ease, fewer headaches…
  5. What was your inspiration for your latest manuscript? I do various in parallel. None are from one prevailing source anymore. No biographies re-visioned or particular hive of bees under bonnet. It’s daily work as it comes.
  6. Do experiences in your daily life influence your stories? Probably. There’s coloring of course. Self can’t be escaped.
  7. When writing , do you listen to music? Nope, if there’s music I can’t read, write, edit or think verbally.
  8. Do you write with others? Occasionally. A longer to-and-fro would be interesting.
  9. Do you use a computer or a pencil/pen? Doesn’t matter. Computer makes re-reading more possible. Handwriting is quieter than keyboard, more expressive than touch pad to scan. I can find things by looking for mental image of handwriting. Unless that’s faded.
  10. What’s your favorite writing craft book? I don’t have one I go back to. I read writing to leave stylistic ruts or impasses.
  11. Is there a writing resource site you’d recommend? Have you seen Alternative Poetry Online at ditch, or interviews at rob mclennan, dVerse had things going on. I can’t seem to get into Jacket2 but just sound and no visual I find difficult. I like reading because the soundscape is all inside. Podcasts, I want to like but…
  12. What’s your most valuable writing tip? Rewrite from the blank page on up.

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