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Two Drafts

It’s been a while since I posted any drafts so here are two of the week:

working my way back to om from doom

what rises in time?
the rage in courage.
it’s enough to lug

the concerns of the living
without adding on
the burdens of the dead

how I halo the jawbones
their parts in the unity
of drinking the water

in synchrony lifting
the turn of wrists around
tumblers, swallows.

birdsong’s gaps claim
silence as proof
no need for guilt

the flush subsides 
in the dignity of 
the unexplained

youth never ends except by grief

the moon tries to become the sun
raindrops bounce back, aim for sky
and the father emulates the child
defers to him, as closer to the origin.

layers of lightning nickel-plates
the roofs and if this is the dark
before the light, I’ve got news:
tomorrow the sun explodes

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