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Burning the Midnight – er, Chapbooks

On top is the much banged about prototype but below is the start of the cover stock being shaped by fire. When that’s done, assembly and binding. Almost there. Over a year of talking, pitching, collecting, editing, designing and layout – almost there.

They’re going to be a beautiful setting for some striking poems.

Where There’s Fire should be out by the end of the month and officially launched in Ottawa at the small press fair.

Who’s in it?

Jacqueline Bourque spent the better part of her career in Ottawa where she worked as a communicator for a public sector organization. She is currently working on a suite of ekphrastic poems on Frederick Varley’s paintings.

Frances Boyle’s poetry and fiction has appeared in anthologies and magazines in Canada and the US. A version of the poem included here was previously published in Freefall, Spring/Summer, 2012.

Mary Lee Bragg published the novel Shooting Angels in 2004, and has had short fiction and poetry published in Ascent, Bywords, Grain and several anthologies, including Sugar Mule and Sweet Cuba.

Laurie Koensgen is an original member of the Ruby Tuesdays. She thanks the poets for their guidance and fine sensibilities. She currently works in Cultural Services at the City of Ottawa. Her poem, included here, will shortly appear as part of a collaboration at Blink Gallery called Observations on Two Rooms with Meaghan Haughian’s painting Love Come Here. (It’s part of Collaborations, curated by Jaenine Parkinson with the vernissage tomorrow.)

Robin K. Macdonald is working on a memoir of travels of walking through North Manitoba.

Pearl Pirie coordinated the Tree Seed Workshop group since 2009. She is always looking for facilitators to spark discussion. Her books, chapbooks, reading schedule and poems can be be found at

LM Rochefort is a stellar event organizer who is making her mark on Arc, and is the crown jewel in the Ruby Crown. She provides cheers, ears, inspiration and tea (but did not write her own bio).

Deborah-Anne Tunney’s poems are in the anthology A Sea of Alone: Poems for Alfred Hitchcock. She is working on single collection of Hitchcock ekphrastics.

Jean Van Loon’s fiction has appeared in The Dalhousie Review, The New Quarterly, Queen’s Quarterly, Ottawa Magazine’s summer fiction issue and The Journey Prize: Stories. Her poems are appearing like stars you never noticed before.

By the way, not to mix with the flame-stage, the burnt bits mark up the rest of the book but from charcoal art comes this solution which is a fixative that seals without making it glossy. For smudges that transferred to backs of books or so, a white erasers is a much better solution than trying to wash paper.

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