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Canadian Poets with Audio

A peruse of what’s out there for sound…

Heard of Poets: a documentary on Canadian poets (from 2007) is now online with these contemporary folks: Seymour Mayne, George Elliott Clarke, Mark Frutkin, Max Middle, Shane Rhodes, Oni the Haitian Sensation, AJ Levin, Jim Larwill, Pauline Michel, Terry Ann Carter, John Akpata, Drew Bernard, a.rawlings, Nicola Volpe, Melissa Upfold, Susan Robertson, Steven Brockwell, Bill Bissett, Paul Muldoon, Becky McKercher, Gustave Morin, Michael Dennis, Christopher Levenson, Danielle Gregoire, Jason Sonier, Anne Davison, jw curry, Gregory Betts, Greg, ‘Ritallin’ Frankson.

Videos of particular poems with recordings of the poets is on youtube. Cdn Poems includes: bpNichol’s Pome Poem, Margaret Atwood’s The Immigrants, The Moment, Milton Acorn’s In the Sky, Al Purdy’s On Being Human, Necropsy of Love, Irving Layton’s There Were No Signs, and Patrick Lane’s Wild Horses.

The national archives also have The Canadian Poetry Audio Archives, Canada’s first online bilingual poetry audio archive which have
Pre-Confederation Poets
Poets from 1867 to 1899
Early 20th-Century Poets
Poets Between the World Wars
Poets from 1940 to 1970
Contemporary Poets

Including for example, George Bowering’s Place of Birth, , P.K. Page Brazilian Fazenda, Earl Birney The Bear on the Delhi Road, Phyllis Webb Middle Distance and my favorite of all of those, Leaning Tower.

More Canadian contemporary audio comes from The Berlin poetry festival, 2007 via Paul Vermeersch such as Karen Solie’s Migration, Suzanne Buffam’s Vanishing Interior and Erin Moure’s Theatre of the Hope of a Cebola (Santiso) and lastly for here, her Theatre of the Green Leira (Mandúa)

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