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My reasonable expectations for buying books

When I buy a book, or anything, online I expect:

  1. To get an automatically generated response within the day that the order has entered the system
  2. To get a response within 3 days with the name of the item and estimated time of delivery.
  3. To get the item within 7-10 days
  4. To get a response to my inquiry if none of the above has occurred but money has been removed from my account.
  5. To get the item within a month at outside even if somehow none of the above arrives.

If none of these happen, this is the short answer to why Amazon, while making its money from the stock market to undercut the competition, still ends up being able to outsell its competition.

BookThug, Coach House and Anansi also manage to do the acknowledge, stick product in envelope and mail, hassle-free buying experience.

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