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95 Books, Part 4

A research group compiled the 1000 most popular titles owned by libraries worldwide. LibraryThing lists books that are in the zeitgeist. Traditionally I’ve considered that if something is popular it’s safely covered and will be carried into the future. I can expend my energies on other things.

So the next chunk of the 95Books endeavour were reading these:

  1. Blue Light In the Dash by Brenda Brooks (Polestar, 1994) [pangy]
  2. You and Yours by Naomi Shihab Nye (BOA, 2005) [Recommended. I should find more books by her]
  3. Bombara by Emilie Zoey Baker (self-published, 2013)
  4. Crawlspace: New and Selected Poems by Monty Reid (Anansi, 1993) [liked]
  5. The Book Nobody Read by Owen Gingerich (2004) [a completist compiles record of extant copies of De revolutionibus]
  6. The Lyrebird and other poems by Mark Tredinnick (Picaro Press, 2010) [enjoyable]
  7. The Moccasin Maker by Pauline Johnson (Project Gutenberg, 1913) [enjoyable]
  8. The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating by Elizabeth Tova Bailey (Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 2010) [absolutely recommended]
  9. John Constable: Painting and Countryside by James Pawsley (Pawsey & Sons, 1982)
  10. This Way the Road by Nina Berkhout (NeWest Press, 2005) [poetry, reads more like a ill-fated romance novel]
  11. Sympathy Loophole by Jaime Forsythe (Mansfield 2012)
  12. Paradoxides by Don McKay (M&S, 2012) [short-listed out East]
  13. The Life and Works of Haku Maki by Daniel Tretiak (Outskirts Press, 2007) [a catalogue raisonnée]
  14. Women in the Middle Ages by Frances and Joseph Gies (Harper Collins, 1978) [Fascinating]

Some books I pick away at for months, some can be whipped through in a day or two. It seems likely I’ll make it to 95 books in the year at this point. But then anyone can die tomorrow, or similar hazards or spun-luck.

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