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Death hasn’t got a rightness at any age but in his early 60s, Richard Truhlar surely wasn’t due.

He published his first book while I was busy being conceived. He was starting presses and writing and performing sound poetry decades before I realized poetry existed outside old books. A musician, artist, chef, gardener, poet, spec fiction writer, and upstanding fellow.

And I look around again at who I enjoy the company and work of, and look for who I’m not paying enough attention to before it’s too late.

Tune in to Literary Landscape, 93.1fm at 6:30pm EST live or online, livestreamed or as an on demand podcast shortly after. I’ll be doing a tribute show to him tonight.

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  1. you can hear the recording here: it’s recorded on demand here (starting 3 minutes in)

    (starting just shy of 3 minutes in)

  2. was fortunate to be in his presence in 2010 for his reading in Ottawa. Seems like yesterday.

    johnwmacdonaldSeptember 19, 2013 @ 10:30 pm
  3. It does seem much more recent than that.

    his obituary announcement is here:

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