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Tree Seed Workshops: Sept-Dec 2013

The second and fourth Tuesday of each month just before Tree are free drop in workshops to spark your poetic fire. They are at SAW Gallery in Ottawa Ontario. (Check The Tree site for changes.)

The season continue tomorrow, September 24 with
HYBRID TEXTS. Let’s explore “hybrid texts” that cross genres, that is poetry/ narrative/ plays/ collaboration/performance.

Oh, Unfamiliar World

“Within the realm of realism lies the assumption that language mirrors all that isn’t language, right? That’s what a narrative is about: telling what is or should be true. A narrative mirrors reality. Now, do I need to say — how simplistic. I want to ask, why bother being so simplistic? Why bother with the lie of realism? Why bother being so miserable, so reductive, when one could play?” — Kathy Acker

The internal logic of a piece of writing fractures our sense of the familiar and places us inside the poem’s strange world. Our experience of the world is multifaceted, not immoveable in its meaning. The question of this workshop is not how does a text capture a reality we’ve agreed to, one that is linear, static and inherited, but how might it challenge, rearrange, recode, unhinge us from our expectations of narrative even as we read it? How might a text perform on the page, capturing contradiction, multiple voices, and memory, for example? How might a text subvert and splice genres (poetry, play, essay, novel, dance, visual art, documentary) without getting lost?

This course looks at a handful of writers and including Gertrude Stein, Chantal Neveu, Samuel Beckett, Caroline Bergvall, Kathy Acker, Gail Scott, Helen Cixous, and others. Participants will break with tenets of narrative convention to create hybrid, performative, and immersive (to steal a term from virtual reality) texts. Participants will generate a hybrid text through a series of poetic exercises and readings.

Jenny Sampirisi is the author of Croak (Coach House 2011) a grotesque libretto for Frogirls, and the novel is/was (Insomniac Press 2008).

October 8
Join Bruce Kauffman for a 1-hour workshop on ‘stream of consciousness/intuitive’ writing. It is a variation of his regular 3-hour afternoon workshop that he does in Kingston Ontario.

Bruce hosts the reading series ‘poetry @ the artel’ and hosts ‘finding a voice’ on CFRC 101.9fm in Kingston.

October 22
Claudia Coutu Radmore will introduce and give participants experience in the link-and-shift techniques, in formal and informal styles, and discuss how this technique can be used in lyric poetry.

Aside from her lyric/narrative poetry, Claudia Coutu Radmore uses Japanese forms, choosing haiku or tanka to suit the poem’s nature.

November 12 and 26th
Stretch your poetry muscles and explore news angles of rhythm and rhetoric with a facilitator whose first poetry collection was in 1987.

Join us for a workshop with the a poet who has been publishing for over 3 decades.

A two-time winner of the A.M. Klein Award for Poetry, Bruce Taylor is author of four books of poetry. His most recent book is No End in Strangeness (2012)

December 10
Adjective use through 5 different poets: Dylan Thomas, Emily Dickinson, Phil Hall, Jan Zwicky, and Creeley.

With a PhD in Linguistics, Lesley Strutt has studied the link between words and meaning extensively.

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