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New Chapbook!

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Look what arrived at my door! Copies of Vertigoheel for the Dilly. The chapbook elf brought it. :)

Here’s a sample from the poem sequence that are bastardized bastardized ghazals.

parents only meant to make us look decent.
normal. no, or mal? mal orno. bad stove.

the poem takes the sidewalk chalk “welcome home dad”
powerwashes off the “wel”, or adds a chalk outline of a child.

not only dead fish go the direction of the stream.
don’t forget what you’ve achieved, you, who are not dead.

in the market, rows of bouquets
father is gone, doesn’t care which colour

the green canoe is unloaded of most of its burden.
she sits taller on the water.

a scarf or button up. whatever coats your bloat.
sun-warmed shadows walk. the light, autumn leaves.


Copies are $4, available from me (email, message, hit me up in person or from site once I update it), or from above/ground and at the Buffalo Small Press Fair April 5-6 in New York State.

It looks very nice if I do say so myself. I did the cover image. rob mclennan published.

It’ll be launched in mid-April. Watch for news here, and about.

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  1. Congratulations! And neat cover.

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