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For those who don’t follow me at twitter or who get swamped in the deluge that is twitter, here’s some poetry things I found interesting lately,

A comic guy made a guide for setting up a book table! Great for any small press fair.

Buy a Versefest festival pass by March 23 and be in the draw for NAC Dance tickets or a subscription to Arc Magazine. It starts on Tuesday!

Until April 3rd vote for Arc’s Reader’s Choice Awards here

Just a few days for CHUOfm Funding drive. Check out these incentives to donate and keep Click Here going.

More poetic than poetry perhaps. Quote those kids quotes: “The Girl: I don’t like post apocalyptic books because I just don’t like the scenery.”

You may have already seen, Amanda Earl is part of OULIPOST for April month. So is Carol Stephen

April 8th I’m next up at CAA CAA talking about remix culture poetry.

Last night on CKCU was the interview with Jenna Tenn-Yuk who recently won the Tontine Award. She’s part of the Ten Oaks Bowl-a-thon March 29th to raise money for the LGBTQ kids and teens. If you want to sponsor her team, throw some coinage or billage at “Team Players”.

Extensive recordings of Canadian sound poetry ensemble Owen Sound (1974-1985):

Messagio Galore take XIII: Toronto is coming April 4th with work by bill bissett, Jaap Blonk, houédard, jandl, Tomahawk, Richard Truhlar, David UU, Zappa and more.

Also that week in Toronto is Battle of the Bards. No Ottawa competitor this year but Jason Camlot, Jim Smith, Catherine Graham, Julie Joosten, Shannon Maguire and 15 more.

There’s another poet blog tour on Gary Barwin‘s suggests specific nitty gritty questions. Hope he starts it.

Sheenagh Pugh across the pond thinks on hitting the mark, not saying too much, too little, too clever. What is unpacked enough?

Diane Tucker has made a trailer for Bonsai Love; her video poem for “reading”

Up at Truck there’s been lots of good lately, including Deanna Young’s Black Bug poem and LM Rochefort’s HeLa’s Cells

Ooh, new Rachael Simpson broadsheet.

from Red Velvet Forest at Shawna Lemay’s poem sampler on her site has this,

“The wrong word comes out.
This is fine.
I’m among friends who know the red map
that appears on my face
I believe they can read it and know
where I had really meant to take them.”

Also, Jim Larwill has joined the internet and has an author site now with several chapbooks online.

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