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When: Friday April 11th at 8pm

Where: Gallery 101, 51B Young St. Ottawa.

What: an adventure in segéëtude via John Cage’s Lecture on Nothing.

Sound poetry, somewhere between music and poetry framed inside John Cage’s Lecture on nothing a reading of things from concrete poetry to visual poetry to song. A lot of the pieces are from the 60s and 70s, but one from Hugo Ball in 1916 and some contemporary pieces.

Hearing the passing of words of a sentence from person to person, the sounds of a word from person to person, it’s like the cooperation of a madcap, sometimes randomly German, French or birdsong small choir.


Who: performed by the Quatour Gualuor: jwcurry, Rachel Lindsey, Georgia Mathewson, Brian Pirie, & Robert Rosen

Featuring work by Richard Beland, bill bissett, Jaap Blonk, Victor Coleman, Dureau de La Malle, Fortunato Depero, François Dufrêne, Paul Haines, Raoul Hausmann, dom sylvester houédard, ernst jandl, Cøghdur Krübben, Alastair Larwill, F.T.Marinetti, Tomahawk, Richard Truhlar, David UU, Don Van Vliet, Frank Zappa & more

How much: $20 at the door (a deal after over 250 hours each of practice.)

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