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Mini Chapbook: mclennan

rob mclennan
Coming to the small press fair this Saturday, poems from a forthcoming manuscript of rob mclennan, 4 little poems including this:

Prairie montage,

ive said it is as
i have told it
Dennis Cooley, abecedarium

Is this: glottal-growl. Rags-rap, rattle, narrate. Gravity occurs. Constant, consonants. Speak clear, chew. Particulate. What speech would make. A hardened spread. These fingers, thrum. A consequence of music; colour-spice, gymnastic voice. Dead, constellates. Spirals, slow to crawl. A wit for wings that. Misdirect. A dialectic spin. Hovers across bald prairie, devil-dust. Frequency, and speed. Whorl, baby. Pulpited, long pulped. Stinging, rain. Nevertheless. Warm spit and sound. An unwashed ocean of sky stretches, stretched. One lays out flat to dry.

Part of the fall 2013, spring 2014 lineup of mini poems:

Collect the whole set.

And there’s another chapbook coming. Watch here for details.

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