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Stats Check

Stats check:

Chapbooks are running at 16% of total. 1/3 of what I read is current 2014/2015. When not reading poetry (3/4 of the time), it’s a 3-way tie between essays, memoir & history. After that, science, novels and business.

I went back and gave a starred system— which I probably will never share per item — ranking the 2015 books I read. It’s skewed because 1 star doesn’t exist. If it does it is hell, no—life is to short to hate-read and those will never go to a done list.

2 star is likely going to drag to a halt before done but if finished, was a real slog with some payoff but if so, not immediately. Might be worthwhile to read some of at least. 18% of the finished were a slog in part or whole.

53% I’d say are average, good enough, competent, maybe enjoyable or interesting with a part that jazzed up.

22% are wow, so glad I read that. That, my friends is how to do it.

And 8% are recommended that you’d buy and read this! Why hasn’t everyone read this.

I see 19 places I get books from. The top sources for books I read:

7. small press fair or a writing festival table,
6. direct from publisher,
5. gift,
4. direct from author,
3. online,
2. used book store, bricks or online
1. library

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