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Studio Nouveau Poetry Workshops Online

Studio Nouveau has been popping up for a little while with readings and workshops as a branch of phafours press. Currently underway is a more intensive workshop of 8 weeks focussing on deep reads and making news poems and chapbooks. See the syllabus.

Coming in February is a comparable series, 8-weeks but accessible to anyone, online with more focus on individual poems, with chats via email, Skype and a Facebook group page.

I have 3 trade collections, over a dozen chapbooks, ran the Tree Seed Workshop for 5 years, taught adult education in ESL and ABE for 12 years, have had my poetry published since 1991 and was longlisted for The Best Canadian Poetry, and in the Best Canadian Poetry anthology, have run a small press for over 7 years, and won the Robert Kroetsch [pronounced Croach] Award for Innovative Poetry.

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