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Books and Chapbooks read in 2016, part 3 Statistics

16% of the completed books or chapbooks were chapbooks. All averaged to 139 pages, a total of 23,800 pages. 64% was poetry. Of the 30% not poetry, the largest categories were novels, memoirs, then science and essays.

43% male, 44% female, 13% multiple authors or non-binary. Non-binary-authored:4 out of 5, male-authored I ranked 35 out of 5 on average, female-authored 3.1, multiple: 3.0.

67% Canadian so I didn’t read internationally as much I’d hoped.

13% were by known GLBTQ2+ people, but some I may not be aware of.

A full 53% were published in 2015 or 2016 so far more than I expected of reach back. 15% were between 2004-2014.  27% were published over a decade ago and 2% were written over a century ago.

The top source of books was the public library, followed by direct from author. Third was the little free library then a used book store. #5 spot was a review copy then a small press fair or festival table. #7 was new from a bookstore. Borrowed from a friend, got from a thrift store or a gift were a low percentage.

21 books I’d call 5 star. 10 I finished but I’d give 0-1 stars to. 61 titles I gave a 4 out 5 star to.


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