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Kilby Smith-McGregor‘s Kids in Triage happened to be in my bag to read, just in case whatever delay, when mom ended up getting reassessed at the e/r. 4 hours waiting and for her to get antibiotic i.v.

(Among it all, I got as far as p.10 in the first visit of 4)


First do no harm.

I only just wanted so awfully to see.






from “Anomalies of Water, from p. 61

High-spirited, hard-living. High heat of sublimation. Water forgets water. Water refuses water. Water wants wine, transubstantiation. Highlight, high life, high-flying entropy of, heat of vapourization. The eventaul condensation of, repatriation of rain.



from page 64, [2] Tricks with Eggs,

the difference between hard-boiled and raw one spins better

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