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CWILA self-audit

I fell just shy of 25,000 print pages (24,357p) of books and chapbooks, including page count of audio books equivalent, completed in 2018. Average page-length is 154 pages.

Doing my numbers I realized a couple good ones weren’t in my top list. Forgot them in the spreadsheet. The post below fixes that.

160 titles, 31 of them chapbooks, and 70 of the titles from 2017 or 2018, despite wanting to read not so much more back list as older. Only 5 titles pre-1800s.

About half of titles are Canadian. More than half are not poetry, which is a switch I’ve been aiming for a reading more widely.

The biggest shift is novels, which I’ve largely avoided for years. I read 33 in 2018, most often by Catherine Asaro with 14 of her books, some audio books, some read aloud to me during concussive “fun”.

Less than 1/4 of titles were by POC or indigenous writers, less than I aimed for. About 9% are by someone in the GLBQQT2+

I tended to get magazines but not actually read so much as skim, skip and dip.

I still read more by males. 44%, compared to 41% female and the remainder being non-binary or multiple authors. My rating of the book were 0.1/5 of each other regardless of place in gender spectrum.

Where did I source books and chapbooks I finished?
1. used book store (by far ahead)
2. small press fair or festival table
3. subscription
4. library
5. review copy
6. gift
7. direct from author

I confess I got 11 from Amazon, although 1 of those I got another copy of from a local indie.

There are books I have a head start on from beginning last year (or the year before). Currently reading 3, all Canadian, 2:1 female to male, one novella, one poetry, one non-fiction.

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