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Short Poem Class

Hello Poets,
You asked, sometime since 2016, to be in the loop when my short poem class got up and running. We’re there!

It will be 4 weeks long at a site for learning called Thinkific.

It starts this week, where you can set your own pace. The space is open for 2 months.

I’ll be present on and off, but for sure each Saturday afternoon for discussion forums.

We’ll cover heavy structural editing, haiku and senryu, short lyric poems and minimalism in many forms.

Each lesson has principles, examples, with 4-8 stretch exercises.

There is a discussion forum for talking about the process, the principles and each other’s poems. I can give feedback on poems to your comfort level.

Week #1: Write Tighter: Trimming the Fat: 5 pages, 4 exercises, starting with your poems that are giving you problems.
Week #2: Haiku and Senryu: The aesthetics of small8 pages, 12 exercises
Week #3: Short Lyric: What can you do in under 12 lines? 7 pages, 4 exercises including golden shovels and translations of Sappho
Week 4: Minimalism: Subtraction for the sake of focus9 pages, 5 exercises including assembly, erasure, and minimalism

There are surveys of what you are looking to learn and we’ll adapt accordingly.

My CV.

It will be $180 (Canadian) by Visa, M/C, or Paypal. Note that the price is listed in U.S. dollars. $138 U.S. is $180 Canadian.

Register now

If you need a reduced rate, there are a couple spots and we can work out how to do that.

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