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Various and Sundry, also Sun-dried

Ottawa writer Deborah-Anne Tunney has a short story collection coming this fall. Enter at GoodReads to win a copy of The View from the Lane.

Also this fall: a call for Making Contact: Circulating Small and Micro Press Poetry in Canada organized by Cameron Anstee. There’s also calls for postmodernism, Women Writing North by Alana Fletcher (Queens University) and Canadian Writing Beyond the Book-Machine by organizers: Christopher Doody (Carleton U), Eric Schmaltz (York U). From a different direction there’s a call for The Canadian Alternative: Canadian Cartoonists, Comics, and Graphic Novels.

Today’s the homestretch to easily get into the workshop on bookmaking with Christine McNair thru the Chaudiere Rebuilding Year Campaign which surpassed its funding goals days ahead of the target. A couple days to go.

Sept 15 is the next deadline to submit to Bywords.

An album of the most recent Tree.

Part of the show with Helen Guri was broadcast in mono instead of stereo. I fixed levels and made a new copy: Listen to the show with Helen Guri here.

The Literary Press Group of Canada Festivals round-up.

A list of Best Canadian Book trailers

Woxikon finds synonyms, abbreviations and rhymes across multiple languages.

I forgot about google books Ngram viewer (and it’s remarkably hard to google up) but Poetic Meter peaked in 1984.

I think I’m in love with Zalgo text generator.

Who is Russell Edson and why have I not seen him before?

via Gallaher,

Russell Edson
A Letter from an Insomniac

Dear Mr. Furniture-Maker,

The bed you have made for me is a very difficult one. When I pull on its reins it rears up protesting the road. And it seems to fear heights, for when I ask it each night to jump from the window, it hesitates. It is impossible to sleep in a bed that is afraid of heights . . . I dream so often of the mountains. I believe this bed is a valley creature.

I’m way behind the curve on his blog but he also has an interesting post about Mary Ruefle who said, “wasting my life making idle comparisons between things that could not and need not be compared”

Yale University has an open university session with videos, pdfs and assignments on Modern Poetry like H.D. and Wallace Stevens.

The Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival happens every 2 years. The next one is Oct 23-26 in New Jersey. Their lineup is up. I think each one has Billy Collins and Rita Dove but this year also has Gary Snyder, Mark Doty, January Gill O’Neil, Alice Oswald and Robert Pinksy…and a few dozen more.

I’m curious about this British anthology, Blame Montezuma, dedicated to chocolate. The one sample poem is verse and there’s no list of poets. Anyone know more?

Speaking of food poem, came across this Black Truffle by Stephen Brockwell that starts,

Nothing on the tongue more subtle; from the earth,
not of it; of garlic, clove, oak, air,
and stars if stars were small enough to taste
and sprinkle on risotto.

You saw that the A-Frame residency is now open for applications?

I chanced across via twitter Jennifer M. Hecht on her “transliteration”—a meaningful sound-alike—of William Blake’s “The Tyger” The Spider.

In the purpose of your art
twist the neurons of my heart.

A Lorine Niedecker interview with Cid Corman.

I think I’ve read enough of Peter Norman to know he thinks interesting things and this interview on process and editing is no exception.

Susan Holbrook is interviewed and talks among other things about lists and less narrative forms of poetry,

Q: What is it about the accumulation that appeals?

A: I think of a traditional paragraph as a dogwalker holding a bunch of leashes, each sentence-dog tethered to the main man. In a more cumulative structure, dogs just keep running into the park, one after another—you never know when they’ll stop! There are interesting relationships among the units, but they do not involve cause/effect or subordinations so much as resonances—it’s democratic. No alpha dog. And there’s a nice processual, self-generating energy that gets going.

Jonathan Ball in recounting his making of Clockfire said, “If you always trust your instincts, you’ll always repeat what’s safe.”

And you saw this article about Biblioasis who turns 10.

If you follow me on twitter you’ll have seen most of this.

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Come Let us Workshop Together

Tree Seed Workshop with
Some Tree Seed Workshop participants earlier this week where Peter Richardson did a round table of poems sent ahead and brought in on the day. He gave a couple exercises and an essay of notes on his process.

examining a poem

Next time, next Tree, is September 23, workshop doors open 6:30 at Black Squirrel Books, 1073 Bank St, Ottawa.

I’m on deck. What will I be talking about? Rhythm Method: We’re talking tempo. Workshop for 8-18 participants to think about how rhythm is motion, a potion, a pause and a pace in the space. Looking at the speed of sound.

Pearl Pirie is the facilitator at this Tree Seed Workshop looking at contemporary examples of how rhythm works with Lorine Niedecker, Steven Zultanski, Adeena Karasick, Nelson Ball, Rae Armantrout, Laura Mullen, Derek Walcott and e.e. cummings.

Looking how the effects of poetic devices of using speed, pause and how to make speed and pause with density of ideas and word stressed. Exercise your tempo.

Free drop in. No registration required.

Followed by an 8pm feature of David Groulx and Jordan Abel and the open mic.

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Lampman Award 2014

Arc has announced the finalists for the Lampman Award, including our next Tree Seed Workshop Facilitator Peter Richardson and a past workshop facilitator, Sandra Ridley who is guest writing in September OpenBook,

Arc Poetry Magazine presents Ottawa Poetry Awards Reading
Each year, Arc Poetry Magazine honours Ottawa poets. Arc is proud to present the three 2014 finalists for the Archibald Lampman Award for the outstanding book of poetry by a National-Capital area author. Also featured are winners of the Brebner Prize competition, which honours emerging poets in the Ottawa area. The readings will take place at Pressed, 750 Gladstone Ave, Ottawa, Ontario at 7:30pm on Thursday, October 9

The Finalists:

David O’Meara, A Pretty Sight (Toronto; Coach House, 2013)
A Pretty Sight’s imaginative scope is immense, even as it wields organized control over its storytelling and its richly textured language. This is a powerful book by a gifted poet. David O’Meara lives in Ottawa. He is the author of three collections of poetry and a play, Disaster, nominated for four Rideau Awards.

Peter Richardson, Bit Parts for Fools (Fredericton, Goose Lane Editions, 2013)
Peter Richardson takes unusual care with his lines and packs them with startling imagery. He writes convincingly with wicked wit and exuberance and, when appropriate, an unusually winning and slightly sardonic seriousness. Peter Richardson is the author of three poetry collections. He lives in Gatineau.

Sandra Ridley, The Counting House (Toronto, BookThug, 2013)
This is a remarkably adventurous and fascinating book. The Counting House explores in different registers a failed or failing relationship and the states of mind of someone caught, wretched and in desperate need of escape. The verbal units may be fragmentary, but they assemble with great power in the reader. Sandra Ridley is the author of three books of poetry. She lives in Ottawa.

The event will also feature the 2013 winners of the Diana Brebner Award, given for the best work by an emerging Ottawa-area poet not published in book form. The $500 prize was won this year by Anne Marie Todkill, with Honourable Mention going to Vivian Vavassis.

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Poets Touching Trees & Desks

This installment of Poets Touching Trees is up and its me and thinking about the forest. If you want to do one too, there’s the contact info there on their sidebar.

Do you miss Desk Space too? Looking to share your thoughts on your writing space? “where do write, my lovely?” is looking for submissions to write about your writing space, See what Amish Trivedi’s project here.

In other news, Sawdust Readings now have their veteran feature, Kevin Matthews

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Words to Live By

Words to Live By is celebrating its two-year anniversary this month! The series has become a place for many firsts, including the starting spot for first-time performers and featured poets.

This month, Words to Live By will be showcasing the creator and co-host of the show, Jenna Tenn-Yuk, along with several guest performances. This will be Jenna’s last show as co-host of Words to Live By, which will be continued under Brad Morden and Artemysia Fragiskatos.

We’ve had a blast seeing many first-time performers and featured poets step up to the mic, so come and celebrate our two-year anniversary with us!

Doors and open mic sign-up is at 7:00pm and the show starts at 7:30pm. $7 at the door or free for performers. Pressed Café, 750 Gladstone, Ottawa.

In the open mic section you can get a copy of Shery Alexander Heinis’ new creation, her first chapbook: A Greater Whole. Watch for this around town over the next few weeks.


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The almost 4 dozen from hundreds of CBC Poetry’s longlist for Canada Writes includes “Sandbagging the River Before the Flood” by Stephen Brockwell (Ottawa, ON), “Blue at the Heart of Being” by Lorna Crozier (N. Saanic, BC), “The Archeologist and the Roofer” by Barry Dempster (Holland Landing, ON), “A Tuition of Time” by Susan Elmslie (Montreal, ON), “Settler Education” by Laurie D. Graham (London, ON), “Bindled Back: Three Travel Poems” by Jacob McArthur Mooney (Toronto, ON), “Blow ye Winds” by Ruth Pierson (Toronto, ON), As we Bend” and “Three Poems” by Emily Nilsen (Nelson, BC).

Sept 8th they announce the shortlist.

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Step Into My Office

Woo! My instalment of At the Desk at OpenBookOntario is now up.

Robert Kroestch competition for innovative poetry 2015 is now open for submissions if you only have a book or two under your belt.

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Open Mic Season Re-Begins

The RailRoad Reading Series is going to host its first open-mic at 7:30 PM on 25 September 2014 at Pressed Café, 750 Gladstone. There will also be 2 features, rob mclennan and Ricardo Sternberg

Readers at the open-mic will have 3 minutes to read, which will allow people to read multiple poems or one long one. The more the merrier! Pass this along to friends. We’d like to see a veritable host of Ottawa Open-Micers!

Is that too far away or need a dry run? Sawdust Reading Series is Sept 17th at Pour Boy and has the open mic and a contest for having a feature set before then. You heard the interview at Literary Landscape on that, right?

Still too long to wait? Sept 9th Starting at 6:45, Peter Richardson is leading a round table workshop and there is an address at the workshops page if you want to send your poems ahead of time to Peter. April Bulmer and Helen Guri are the 8pm features at Tree at the Black Squirrel. There’s an open mic attached.

If you’re chomping at the bit for an open mic, bet there’s one at the In/Words reading/launch this Friday, Aug 22 at Pressed Café, 750 Gladstone, 7:30 pm.

In/Words Magazine and Press is releasing our Summer Issue, along with our latest round of chapbook publications. The event will open with a performance by an amazing local band, Hungry Animals, and later on, the super-talented Suzy Pankhurst will perform! Following this we’ll hear readings from authors published in our latest magazine issue. Esteemed Ottawa poet Steve Artelle, hilarious writer and comic Dave Currie, and In/Words’ very own Chris Johnson will both be reading from their latest chapbook publications. The show will kick off at 7:30 on August 22nd at Pressed Café. As with all of our release parties, this is a free event. So bring a friend, or bring a partner, or bring your mom.

Feel free to read the following bios of several of the artists who will be featured throughout the evening. More information to follow on the poets who will be reading at this event.

Hungry Animals combine experimental elements with lyrics that carry passion and vulnerability, creating an enriched but accessible sound. Walking the line of angst and joy, the 5-piece outfit are devoted to making music with a palpable arc. Don’t be scared, they don’t bite… except when they’re hungry… which they are… always.

Steven Artelle’s first book of poetry, Metropantheon, was published by Signature Editions in 2014. His other work includes four hundred rabbits, a chapbook published in 2013 by AngelHousePress.

Dave Currie is a writer who writes in Ottawa. Ottawa is the city in which writer Dave Currie writes. As a writer in Ottawa, Dave Currie writes. Dave Currie has written in other places, though, now he writes in Ottawa.

Chris Johnson is finishing a Master’s degree in English Literature at Carleton University, concentrating in Canadian poetry. He is also a co-editor for Carleton University’s student-run literary magazine, In/Words Magazine and Press. Recently placing second in the George Johnston Poetry Prize for his poem “Begin in Water”, his poetry has also previously appeared in The Steel Chisel and Bywords

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Monthly Mailing List

if you want on the list for monthly or so newsletter about my publishing and blogging things please sign up here.

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Literary Landscape: tonight Sawdust gets set to fly

Tonight at 6:30pm EST at 93.1fm or CKCU online I’m talking with Jennifer Pederson is in studio about the new reading series she’s starting. Jennifer Pederson is an Ottawa poet, musician, and teacher. Her life is filled with children, art, and pickled herring. She is also the director of The Sawdust Reading Series,

Where? Pour Boy on Somerset.

Who? Maybe you. Apply to be the first feature reader now. On your mark,

The Sawdust Series starts Sept 17.

To hear more, tune in.

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